Why Join Bioma?

The Bioma Project is devoted to improving the quality of environmental science education. In this post, we will explain all of the benefits of Bioma, and why it should be integrated into your curriculum. Let’s get started.

Bioma COO Omar Niazi teaches trophic levels to students at Hanover Hills Elementary

Firstly, it educates students about how to solve today’s problems. The world is facing rapid urbanization in which natural resources and lands are constantly being depleted, making it harder to sustain our society. Despite this, many are not educated in the subject and do not know what they could do individually to work against this problem. Bioma teaches these students basic environmental science and ecology, and how they can make small contributions at home, school, soccer practice, etc. to work towards a better world and a better future. With this program, we can foster a generation of conservationists for the year to come.

Secondly, it is free. This entire program is cost-free, meaning that teachers can integrate this curriculum into their classroom setting at no monetary cost because we believe that the education benefits outweigh such costs.

Bioma CEO Bill Tong sets up the first Bioma tank at Manor Woods Elementary

Thirdly, it is fun. Our curriculum specifically revolves around interactive activities like card games, videos, discussions, VR-interactions, and clean-tech building. These all shy away from a standard, boring classroom setting in which students are discouraged from learning by allowing them to be more of themselves in each of these activities.

Finally, Bioma has succeeded in its time as a program. So far, Bioma has 29 completed projects in schools all over the Maryland/D.C. area and was awarded the Tawes Environmental Award for their work.

Maury Elementary students trying out the new Bioma VR program

In conclusion, Bioma is a necessary integration for public schools all around the country, and we feel that the benefits are astronomical. We cater to the teachers, by coming to their classrooms and educating the children in the art of environmental science. As a token of gratitude, many of these teachers have thanked us personally and have sent us testimonials of the success of our program in their classrooms. Therefore, why not join Bioma?

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Raghav Pramod Murthy, and I’m a junior at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, California. I stumbled upon this website while looking for ways to educate younger children about our environment, and climate change. I wanted to talk to someone from the Bioma Project to learn how I could possibly extend the scope of this non-profit to the Bay Area, and teach more elementary and middle school children about the ways that they can help the environment. Thanks.

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