What should do with the tank during breaks?

The task of caring for fish during school breaks seems like a daunting task to many teachers, but in
reality it is actually very simple. Fish are cold blooded creatures and don’t need as much energy and
food as we humans do. If there is a constant supply of power and the filter and light are operational,
then the critters should be fine for a few days without food.

If your school district has breaks that are more than four days in length, it would be a good
idea to have someone be in charge of feeding the critters every other day. Usually, a custodian or
another staff member will be in the building during the break and would be happy to help. It would a
good idea to share your contact info as well as this website with him/her in case any other problems
come up.

In the event that you are unable to find someone to feed the fish during the break, you can
purchase an aquarium feeding block, which is readily available at pet stores or online. The feeding
block slowly dissolves when placed in water, steadily releasing little bits of fish food into the water for
the fish to eat. One pack of feeding blocks usually costs around $3 and contains 3 feeding blocks,
which should last for the entire year.

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