The Bioma Project Revisits Swansfield Elementary

On Friday, April 5th, 2019, The Bioma Project revisited Swansfield Elementary School to present another environmental lesson on food webs, chains, evolution, and fundamental ecology. They also gauged the students learning throughout the school year and found that the students performed exceptionally better with our program.

After the education part of the session, the team set up several interactive activities to allow the students to learn more about the critters in their tank as well as making new accessories to outfit their tank to keep it healthy. They even got to learn about how DNA mutations in blacknose dace turn their color from brown to orange due to a single change in the sequence!

In summary, everyone had a great time. The students begged the high-school representatives to come back before the final fish release that will occur in mid-June in conjunction with Trout in The Classroom.

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