Remembering Tiny Terry

Tiny Terry was an one-year-old blacknose dace, hatched and raised in one of our nursery tanks. We placed him into Ms. Capurso’s class at Folly Quarter Middle School in Ellicott City, Maryland. He shared a 10 gallon aquarium with several other dace, 2 grass shrimp, a handful of mussels and clams, and some snails. For fun, he could explore a small forest of aquatic plants or root around in moss.

A collection of farewell letters and memorials for Terry by Folly Quarter Middle School students.
A farewell letter for Tiny Terry written by a student.

Sadly, the students returned one day to find that Tiny Terry, who they named, passed away. They remembered how they lovingly raised him from a small fry to the adulthood, feeding him everyday and changing his water. The students were saddened by the passing of Tiny Terry and wrote obituaries and goodbye letters. They also made keychains and other small crafts to commemorate him.

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