Presentation at Hanover Hills

This week, Omar Niazi and Vedaant Shah of the Bioma Project presented ecology and clean technology to a 5th grade class at Hanover Hills Elementary School.  The students passionately viewed the critters and showed great interest towards the presentation. Many related their experiences with personal tanks at home towards the opportunities they shall have now at school. Moreover, the elementary schoolers were amazed by the fact that all of the fish, critters, and plants can be found in streams behind their backyards, tying in to the overall goal of the project.

Bill Tong, CEO of the Bioma Project, had this to say about the critters: “When we originally conceived the idea of the program, one of our key ideas was to bring native animals and plants towards the students. Young children need something relatable in order to be passionate about a concept. By providing animals the kids can see in their backyards, they show more interest in the environment and preservation.

All in all, the delivery was a great success, and Hanover Hills looks to get started with the program in the next week. Ms. Michaeline Van Reenan, a teacher at Hanover Hills Elementary, also views the program as an opportunity for students to find responsibility in caring for live creatures. After the delivery, Van Reenan commented “My students love having the aquarium in the classroom and being responsible to help take care of it.”

Future Plans

In the spring, we plan on bringing of all of these schools together at a critter release event at a local stream. Students will not only be able to complete their experience with the critters, but the teachers and children will also share ideas with others from different schools about the Bioma Project.

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