Our Mission and Ideals

The Bioma Project is a youth led conservation organization founded in 2014 to raise awareness of our local ecosystems and benefit them through the promotion of clean technology and aquatic education.

            We strive to inform students across Maryland of the dangers of environmental damage and how current technology can mitigate such issues. By providing hands-on demonstrations about cutting-edge technology, such as model solar-powered cars, students can firsthand experience the benefits of such innovation.

  To spread awareness, we will inform our community not just through indirectly, but through a hands on aquarium and comprehensive set of lesson plans. Every year, students will learn to properly care for the critters in their aquariums through teacher-approved lessons.

          Students will experience a slice of nature that will provide a newfound dedication for preservation.

They will learn about responsible practices and will participate in a number of events in doing so. By doing hands on action projects, they will develop a sense of responsibility for their local ecosystems. With one classroom at a time, we will help change the natural environment of Maryland for the better.

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