Virtual Reality Program

The Bioma Project has recently added a new virtual reality headset program that presents scientific videos to children in 360 degrees. Following our mission, this new form of clean technology allows both scientists to conduct research and any person to have a fun, leisurely experience without potentially disrupting the environment. The new program has been integrated with the tank presentations given to each school when they receive fish and plants for the year. With this addition, we hope to persuade children in supporting forms of technology that cause minimal damage to the planet.

Above: A student watches a video about the coral reefs in virtual reality, while a member of the Bioma Project explains the technology and its benefits.

            Just as the lesson plans focus on building hands-on, engaging activities, these headsets immediately draw the kids’ attention. Rather than learning about new forms of clean technology through textbooks or conventional presentations, our fully interactive activities produce much stronger results in actually impacting children. In the future, we plan on expanding our renewal energy and solar car programs, which have been successfully piloted at select schools, in a manner similar to that of the virtual reality program.

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