Meeting with Robinson Nature Center

Yesterday, the Bioma Project met with Robinson Nature Center to discuss a potential partnership. Various topics were dicussed, including a potential tank installation at Robinson, lesson plans to school groups, and the creation of a youth environmental board.

            Because Robinson already has a variety of tanks, a Bioma model could be installed there. The Bioma Project has made its tanks self-sufficient, thus the staff at Robinson will have to do minimal work to care for the critters and plants.

            Another event that appears promising is the idea of hosting monthly lesson plans at Robinson after school. Because there is no set school group, these lesson plans would all be stand-alone, but they could also be recorded and viewable for a remote audience. The team is currently in the process of creating more lesson plans that could fit this stand-alone criteria.

            The Bioma Project executive officers also hope to create a youth environmental board in MD. Robinson Nature Center is part of the Howard County government, thus a potential partnership could likely make this possible.  All in all, the meeting was a success, and both groups are looking forward to the future.

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