How to catch critters

As we continue delivering equipment and presenting at schools, students and teachers have been asking where we obtain all of our critters from. As part of our commitment all of the living species in our program native, everything originates from local streams. When we tell students this, they immediately ask if how they can do the same in their backyard. Fortunately, this process is relatively simple and fun for any kind of species you may be looking to catch.

Before starting, ensure that you will be safe. Check the weather beforehand and let someone know where you are going, especially as a child. Wear bug spray and bring clothes that are are comfortable and can get dirty. After you reach the location, make sure that the riverbank is stable and be wary of any poison ivy, tics, and insects.


  1. Find places deep fools flowing water meets standing water
  2. Check for sunken logs and rock piles, as the minnows like to find shelter there.
  3. (Optional) You can chum the water with bread or some other food to bring the fish out.
  4. In one smooth motion, quickly swoop your net through the water and check what fish you may have caught.


  1. Using a shovel, scoop up a portion of dirt or sand from the riverbed
  2. Use your fingers to parse through the gloves and find any clams. Do not take any with open shells, as they are already dead.


  1. Find rocks of any size and carefully lift them up
  2. Keep your eyes out for any crawfish that were living under that rock
  3. After spotting your crawfish, place your net behind them and wave your hand in front of their face. They should dart backwards into the net

We hope you found this article useful for catching your own critters. Next week, there will be an article about where to find the species of plants in our tank. We are also testing out the salamander in our storage tanks as a potential new addition to Bioma. Stay on the lookout for more news!

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