Green Thumbs for Columbia Kids

The Bioma Project conducted its midyear maintenance checkup at Swansfield Elementary school. Students discussed the work they have accomplished so far, while the tank received more plants. All in all, Swansfield Elementary has completed many of our lesson plans, including the tank matching game, while also creating a maintenance calendar that allows all students to feed and change the water of the aquarium. Afterwards, the Bioma Project led activities in adding the new plants to the tank and creating yarn fish breeding sites for blacknose dace.  

Above: A member instructs children on how to plant the new vegetation specimens.

Above: Students watch a member create a sample yarn breeding site, before beginning to make their own for the tank.

At the end of the day, the students produced over 20 breeding hatcheries, enough to last for the year. After school was dismissed for the day, the Bioma Project spoke with the Swansfield Elementary teachers about organizing a date for the fish release in spring. Because the school also utilizes Trout Unlimited “Trout in the Classroom” program, we plan on partnering with their release event and conducting joint activities.

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