Crayfish and Salamanders

The Bioma Project has recently begun collecting crayfish and salamander from local streams in order to prepare the program for next school year. Both species are abundant in creeks across Maryland, thus making them an easy catch. Furthermore, these critters are considered tolerable to a range of conditions, making storage simple and safe.

This year, many schools had issues with species dying due to water issues, such as pH, temperature, and ammonia. The Bioma Project hopes that the presence of these hardy critters will combat this issue and ensure that all schools have a teaming tank throughout the year.

Above: A member displays a large crayfish that was caught at a local stream recently.

The process to catch both critters is relatively simple. A student should carefully lift a rock or fallen log and watch for any critters underneath. After spotting something, the member should use a small twig to guide it into their net before placing it into the bucket. After the day, these species should be housed in a bucket or Tupperware container. For best survivability, place crayfish and salamanders in separate tanks and feed them every other day with green peas or shrimp pellets.

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