Crawfish Care

As we collect more native wildlife, we need to take care of the new catches. One of the main species we catch is crawfish. Many teachers have concerns about how hard it will be to maintain a suitable environment for the crawfish. Crawfish are actually very simple to maintain. The process of taking care of the crawfish can also be enjoyable for students and adults alike. We take care of most of the setting up of the habitat, which is the harder part of the process.

To ensure that the crawfish live a long and healthy life they require some maintenance. As crawfish are omnivores they will eat both fish and plants in your aquarium if they are not fed, so it is a must to feed them often. We recommend to feed crawfish every other day with small pieces of fruit or vegetables or with the flakes provided. Crawfish are a very important part of the Bioma Ecosystem as they act as decomposers in the tank, in the event that a fish or other creature ends up dying the crawfish will be able to eat and make sure that none of it’s harmful chemicals end up in the tank. 

Some important things to note about keeping crawfish are that they could end up pinching your students if they put their hands in the water, so make sure to keep students from putting their hands in the tank and using the provided net instead.

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