How Fishing Impacts the Environment – Didymo

How Fishing Impacts the Environment – Didymo A common problem in Maryland waters is the diatom, Didymosphenia geminata. A serious pest in Australia, Argentina, Chile, and New Zealand,  and is causing massive damage to Maryland streams and rivers. The stalks of this diatom attaches to rocks, plants, or other submerged surfaces. At the time the diatom …

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Threat of Ticks

Threat of ticks   As spring turns into summer, the threat of tick bites gets more and more common. The abundance of tall grass, combined with the natural lifecycle of the tick, causes the warmer months to time that bites are the most frequent. Due to this year’s mild winter, the tick population is especially large. As outdoorsmen, …

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Hello World

Hello world. The hopes and dreams of an entire generation encapsulated into two words. As thousands, and then millions of people joined the movement called the Internet, there was an optimistic view of where technology and globalization would lead us: flying cars, abundant food, and clean energy. The environment, in particular, appeared destined to make …

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