"We are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable."

- Henry Thoreau

Crawfish Care

As we collect more native wildlife, we need to take care of the new catches. One of the main species

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How to catch critters

As we continue delivering equipment and presenting at schools, students and teachers have been asking where we obtain all of

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Q&A With Our Founder

Hello Everyone, In case you weren’t aware, the Bioma Project is growing rapidly, from being featured in multiple newspapers to

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Why Join Bioma?

The Bioma Project is devoted to improving the quality of environmental science education. In this post, we will explain all

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Future Plans

Hello all, It has been a great year for the Bioma Project. The project has amassed a grand total of

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Stream Surveys

As part of its commitment to serve local communities, the Bioma Project conducted its first stream survey of the season

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Virtual Reality Program

The Bioma Project has recently added a new virtual reality headset program that presents scientific videos to children in 360

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Dechlorinated Water

Option One (Recommended). Allow Chlorine to Evaporate Naturally, Find the tank you want to dechlorinate. Do not cover it. Place

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Bioma Update 7/23/18

   Our program has been wildly successful in obtaining schools who will host us. We have currently created and completed lesson

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Differences between bass

Aren’t all bass the same? What’s the difference between a largemouth bass and smallmouth bass? Those are questions that I get

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Threat of Ticks

Threat of ticks   As spring turns into summer, the threat of tick bites gets more and more common. The abundance

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Hello World

Hello world. The hopes and dreams of an entire generation encapsulated into two words. As thousands, and then millions of

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