Bioma Project Updates, Spring 2020

Hello All,

It has been a while since our last update. We hope you are doing well and staying healthy during this time.

Since December, we have continued with both expanding and supporting the current program. We delivered all tank supplies to schools and troubleshot any issues with the curriculum. Furthermore, we have begun expansion outside of Maryland by recruiting Frank Otis Elementary in California in February. Now, we are in ten schools on the West Coast! Our goal is to expand nationwide within the next few years. We also are bringing our program internationally to Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Additionally, we are currently recruiting new high school students to join the executive team in light of this growth. Some of our current members high school seniors who will be graduating in May, and they will continue to provide support/mentorship to the future leaders of this organization.

In regards to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting school closures, we are currently asking all schools to hold on to their equipment and materials. When schools reopen in the fall, we plan on picking up, refurbishing, and then redelivering materials for the 2020-2021 school year. During this hiatus, our team is also working on expanding the curriculum with new lesson plans and additions to the tank. Once again, we sincerely hope that you are keeping healthy.

Thank you,

The Bioma Project Team

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