A Year in Reflection

As we wrap up our final tank pick-ups, it is time for us to reflect on the past year in regards to the Bioma Project’s goals. 4 years ago, we simply planned on spreading the message of conversation to students; however, it was not until last year where we realized that we could not merely start other youth chapters to get the word out. Instead, we needed to integrate our message with the public education system, and such a task could only be accomplished by providing schools with equipment and detailed lesson plans. We set out to provide opportunities in aquatic education and clean technology to children across Maryland, and after each school successfully completed multiple lesson plans, we are proud to announce that we have accomplished this task.

            Furthermore, we even expanded on this goal by teaching students about new innovations in clean technology, such as virtual reality and solar powered cars. Rather than providing lesson plans, we gave multiple presentations to schools in person, so that the students could truly experience the wonders of these cutting-edge products.

Students at Maury Elementary in Washington D.C. watch a video showing the benefits of virtual reality technology for both science and leisure.

            However, we also failed to achieve some of our key tasks, most notably in regards to documentation. Although schools completed multiple lesson plans, we could not document this success, and as a result, we lack a lot of valuable information and feedback that could help improve the program for next year. Despite this shortcoming, we are now striving to record each completed lesson plan in the upcoming school year, so that the Bioma Project can improve for years to come.

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