2019-2020 School Year Underway

The Bioma Project is proud to announce that the program is underway for the 2019-2020 school year. In the past few weeks, students have been delivering to schools across Howard and Montgomery counties.

Most notably, the Bioma Project gave presentations at Swansfield Elementary and Clarksville Middle. Clarksville MS was the start of the program back in 2014, and as a result, many members felt nostalgic returning there. Students at all the schools were introduced to the crawfish, a new critter for the upcoming school year. They are typically found living under rocks in any stream bed within most parts of the United States. Many students were fascinated by the crawfish’s claws, which reminded them of lobsters.

From the two recent presentations, the Bioma Project began filming content for an upcoming video. In the coming weeks, a new page on this website will be dedicated towards videos about the program: why the was initiative started, what students do, how to setup the tank, etc. Members will continue to add videos to this page, with the goal of creating instructional videos for each lesson plan eventually.

The Bioma Project hopes to finish all of its deliveries within the next month. If you are interested in joining the Bioma Project or viewing our curriculum, be sure to reach out at outeach.biomaproject.org. Students will be available to deliver and present throughout the entire year, so you can join at anytime. The project can also ship materials if you live outside the state of Maryland. Thank you.

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