Working with Team Robocraft #9957

Team Robocraft is a First Tech Challenge team based in Columbia, Maryland, with 6 members; Ben Choe, David Balakirsky, Rayaan Chaudhry, Luke Vernon, Tim Dull, and DJ Figueroa. First Tech Challenge is a competition made for students grades 6-12 and aims to teach students to think like engineers by building, programming and designing robots.

We worked together with Team Robocraft to bring our dream of an interactive app to life. After weeks of tedious work they were finally able to create the app which allows students to learn anywhere and anytime in an interactive manner. We hope that the app will be published officially on the app store, and all the bugs worked out within a few months.

Below are some screenshots of the app

A note from Team Robocraft: In case some of you were wondering what a FTC robot looks like here it is. This is our sixth year competing and this is definitely our best robot yet!

A picture of Team Robocraft’s Robot

For more info about FIRST and the First Tech Challenge visit:

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