By students, for students

See how we set out to change the way environmental education was taught.

Who we are

Tomorrow's Conservationists

4 years ago, we set out to change the way young people thought about the environment. We created the 1st Bioma program at our middle school. Today, our project has grown beyond our wildest expectations back then.

Students involved
Finished projects

Rethink how we think

Learn through service

It’s important that students feel that their work is meaningful. Our curriculum is based around real world applications and projects. 

New tools for new solutions

we make use of virtual reality, aquaculture labs, and other technologies to create an environment of innovation and creativity. 

Student design

Students have the ability to choose and lead projects, giving them greater ownership and pride in their work. 

“The obligation to endure gives us the right to know.”

- Rachel Carson

School of the week

Swansfield Elementary School

Columbia, MD

Our founder, Bill Tong, shows the student a stem of the Bacopa Monnieri aquatic plant.

Swansfield Elementary joined two years ago and has a thriving program of 100 students. The head instructors are Ms. Marolene Malcotti and Ms. Tara DiVenti. 

Students learn to build “spawning mops” for breeding blacknose dace.

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