"The power of imagination makes us infinite."

- John Muir

Students should

Learn & smile

We think that a paradigm shift is needed in the way we teach not only environmental education, but schoolwork in general. Students shouldn’t view their work as monotonous, and instead they should take ownership and pride in what they do. 

That’s what we set out to do with our Bioma curriculum. Our curriculum is based off of hundreds of hours working with students and teachers to craft a comprehensive roadmap to nurture the next generation of conservationists.

Some Statistics

Our curriculum

Years of testing
Lesson plans
Hours writing

Pairing service with student designed projects

Intelligent design

We believe that the best way to motivate students into actions is by allowing them autonomy in creating and running their activities. We allow our students to freedom to choose what they want to learn.

21st century tools

Teaching shouldn’t be limited to textbooks. We strive to incorporate the latest advances in teaching into our program. In addition to holding lessons to virtual reality, we have workshops in solar power and robotics.

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